DXH Event Hall Berlin

The „Dong Xuan Haus“ is a remarkable example of the revitalisation of a historic site into a modern cultural centre. The second construction phase on Herzbergstraße began in 2015 and aimed to revitalise the original VEB Elektrokohle Lichtenberg cultural centre, which opened in 1952, and preserve its original character.

When designing the building, a particular focus was placed on preserving its historical features while at the same time meeting contemporary needs. It was transformed into a versatile cultural centre with a spacious event room, offices, flats, restaurants, shops and other facilities.

This transformation has helped to honour the historical significance of the building while creating a new space for cultural exchange and encounters.

ROOM DIVISION was asked to develop and integrate a lighting concept to provide scenic support for the event space with 840 sqm in total. This was achieved with over 400 metres of RGBW strip lighting in the ceiling areas and custom-made super-size wall lamps with a front gold coating. The overall picture is rounded off with 20 moving heads.

The DXH is now an important part of the Dong Xuan Centre in Berlin-Lichtenberg and contributes to the cultural diversity and dynamism of the city. It is a place that brings people from different backgrounds and cultures together to celebrate art, culture and community.

Dong Xuan Haus
Herzbergstraße 129
10365 Berlin

Lighting design & construction:

Cube Event / Grigory Strumila

(c) ROOM DIVISION GmbH Daniel Siemer
(c) klublicht.com Marcus Bläsing

Lighting Software:
e:cue LAS