By considering the choice of materials, lighting technologies and maintenance strategies, we create lighting installations that have a lasting physical and conceptual presence.


Our commercial lighting design aims to create a visually appealing, productive and comfortable environment for employees, customers and visitors. It takes into account the specific functions, brand image and desired atmosphere of the space.

Club & Bar Culture

Our lighting design is able to play a significant role in creating an immersive and dynamic atmosphere in club and bar environments. It enhances the overall experience, emphasizes the architectural and design elements, and sets the mood for the patrons.


The primary goals of our hospitality light design are to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, enhance the functionality of the space, highlight key design elements, and ensure appropriate lighting levels for various activities and areas.

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Spatial Specials

Our primary aim in spatial lighting design is to use light as a medium to shape and enhance the perception and experience of a space. It goes beyond mere illumination to consider the interplay of light and shadow, the interaction with surfaces and materials, and the impact on the overall visual composition.