ROOM DIVISION was invited to support Joseph Marr  in implementing his art project „Together“ as part of his impressing sugar object series “Desire is a trap”.

In the series “Desire is a trap”, the visual influences are varied from Baroque and Art Nouveau sculpture, to the strength and eroticism of Helmut Newton.

There is a statement in Hindu Sufism “Desire is a Trap”, which was the first impulse for Joseph to work with sugar. The glistening beautiful colours of the different sugary flavours are the sticky trap, the object/form being the bait. Within the series “Desire is a trap” he wants to create an experience for the audience to become conscious of their state of Desire. What is desire? What is my relationship to it? Does it have power over me? And when I attain the object of my desire, where is the lasting satisfaction?

The challenge was, to find a flat and homogeneous illumination design for the fragile sugar objects without damaging them. An additional heat dissipation was installed, as the objects are locked in glas boxes and the heat of the lighting and the surrounding.

Contractor: Berghain GmbH

Medium: Sugar, Cola Ahoi Brause flavor, preserved with several layers of polyurethane

Construction: UNIKAT Berlin


Artist: Joseph Marr www.josephmarr.de

Fotos: (c) Ulf Saupe (c) Joseph Maar