CAFE am Neuen See

Ah, the Café am Neuen See! Right in the heart of Berlin, in the Tiergarten, just behind the Zoo.

What a beautiful place. We love beautiful places. We eat beauty daily. That’s why we were happy to help illuminate this unique location.

Under the management of Roland Mary, C.A.N.S. has established itself not only as a popular gastronomic destination, but also as a place of cultural discovery. The ensemble of the complex is now enriched by a new hall, the Barn.

The lighting installation, designed and built by ROOM DIVISION, gives the Barn a special atmosphere. It creates a welcoming and versatile environment for various events. Whether it is a congress, an exhibition or a private party, the lighting installation contributes to the atmospheric design and offers guests an appealing ambience.

The lighting in the restaurant was a special challenge. We had to provide spot lighting with no visible light source. The fabulous solutions from CLS made it easy for us to achieve this.

Roland Mary and his powerful team always have an eye for detail and quality. The new lighting installation and interior design is further evidence of his commitment to providing his guests with a holistic experience.

The wonderful interior designer Andrea Harre has done a fantastic job – all design objects and furniture have been chosen with a wise eye and the utmost taste. The whole atmosphere is welcoming and full of joy.

With its combination of culinary delights and creative atmosphere, the C.A.N.S. will continue to attract local and national visitors and provide them with unforgettable moments.

Construction Architect:
Patzschke & Partner

Lighting Technic:

Marcus Bläsing