Twinner GmbH is a tech company backed by the state of Saxony-Anhalt and creator of the world’s first and foremost 360° car scanner. Renowned car makers and dealers have been using these state-of-the-art measurement tools equipped with advanced digital sensor technology for a long time.

Twinner creates online 3D showrooms by using 3D scans. This enables customers to browse through cars on a realistic 3D platform. Similarly, people who are fond of motor vehicles or researchers can use 360-degree scans to preserve and investigate classic cars.

The Twinner car scanner was presented to public in Berlin in 2022. Such technology demands an extraordinary showroom with outstanding lighting: ROOM DIVSION made it happen efficiently.

Individually dimmable LED profiles via DMX signal, equipped with high power RGBW LEDs, provide an impressive light show when leaving the scan room. Motion detectors trigger the light zones depending on the position of the vehicle and guide the vehicle through the room.

Come and see for yourself: every scan is an adventure!