MOVEYOURSEAT Lightobject Overview

MOVE YOUR SEAT communicates in an audiovisual, spatial and interactive manner.

MOVE YOUR SEAT is an interactive light and sound object. Visitors can take place on ten illuminated seats, triggering different light and sound effects.

MOVE YOUR SEAT brings together people in one extra ordinary place and shows in an unique way, that new possibilities emerge by changing perspective and place. Only through the visitors mutual communication and collaboration the play of light and music becomes experienceable in its artistic unity.

Once all seats are taken an outstanding light and sound pattern unfolds. On rest, a play of rotating lights invites to take seat. MOVE YOUR SEAT combines technology, play and art on a perfect level.

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MOVEYOURSEAT Lightobject Visual
MOVEYOURSEAT Lightobject Setup0
MOVEYOURSEAT Lightobject Setup2

Contractor: PPMG Potsdamer Platz Berlin

Idea and concept: Charlotte Buehler & Jasna Romann

Diameter: 300 cm, Height: 55cm

Material: dibond, acrylic glass, plywood, LED, speaker, control units

Construction: UNIKAT Berlin

Production and Programming: ROOM DIVISION

Fotos: Top (c) i am Johannes, all other (c) ROOM DIVISION